Car explodes into flames on Marylebone Road

Onlookers were shocked when a car suddenly burst into flames in the middle of Marylebone Road this afternoon (Thursday).

The road was shut eastbound at lunch time near the Landmark Hotel as firefighters fought to put out the inferno.

Witness Maggie Hall said: “Apparently the car was in traffic stopped at a light and the person in from of them got out of their car to tell the driver there were flames coming from the bottom of the car.

“They got out and about seven or eight minutes later there was a bang and it burst into flames.”

The fire brigade confirmed they were called at 2.23pm and had the fire under control within 10 minutes.

The incident marked the second time the road was closed in the space of four hours after three cars were involved in an accident at 10.35am.

No one was hurt in either incident.