Campaign to get Gaddafi’s son out of Suburb gathers momentum

THE campaign to prevent Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi’s son ever coming back to Hampstead Garden Suburb stepped up a gear this week.

Organiser Dr Saul Zadka is attempting to mobilise a group of Libyan exiles to take over the empty �10million Suburb mansion – which belongs to the dictator’s second son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

Since the Ham&High reported on Dr Zadka’s campaign last week, local MP Mike Freer has joined the protest and the government has frozen the Gaddafi family’s reported �1billion assets in the UK – which include the Suburb mansion and properties around Oxford Circus.

Dr Zadka, a Suburb resident, said: “I am organising an occupation of the property by Libyan people and I am trying to convince the Libyan exiles to come over and seize the house. Saif’s true colours are emerging now – he is the face of the regime. People here have supported my campaign to not let him back here.

“Gaddafi’s family’s assets have been frozen but it could be a temporary measure.

“They could still unfreeze them if they want and let the Gaddafi family back. It is very important residents keep up the pressure.

“If this family is forced to flee Libya I would not rule out that they want to come to London.”

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More than 1,000 people are said to have died so far in the Libyan unrest and some 75,000 have fled to Tunisia with 40,000 more waiting to cross the border. Gaddafi is clinging to power in the capital Tripoli and has blamed the unrest on Al-Qaeda and rebels high on drugs.