Campaign in support of suspended Haringey councillor goes viral

Councillor Gideon Bull has been suspended

Councillor Gideon Bull has been suspended - Credit: Archant

A petition in support of a local politician who lost the Labour whip for speaking out against cuts to key services has reached 31,000 signatures

The petition calls on Haringey Council to reconsider their decision to suspend Cllr Gideon Bull after he spoke out against the closures of day centres for adults with dementia and disabilities.

“Councillor Gideon Bull is passionate about local services, and was acting in good conscience when he spoke up for those with no other voice,” the petition says.

“His suspension sends out the message that councillors are expected to follow the party line, rather than fight for the public good. If we want councillors who support their communities, they need to be able to speak out against injustices without fear of disproportionate reprisals.

“Please let Haringey council know that we do not support their punishment of Councillor Gideon Bull.”

Cllr Bull broke ranks to speak out against the closures of day centres at a Haringey cabinet meeting on November 10.

“This will have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable in our society,” he told cabinet members at the time.

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It was decided the Birkbeck Road Day Centre in Hornsey, Always Day Centre near Muswell Hill, the Roundway Centre, the Grange Day Centre and the Haven Day Centre will close.

The petition is now just 4,000 signatures away from its target of 35,000.

- The petition can be found at: