Camden Town Brewery launches £1.5m crowdfunding bid to build second brewery

Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery

Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery - Credit: Archant

A brewer who began his career beneath a pub in Hampstead has seen his beers become so successful he has launched a £1.5million plea for investors to help him build a second brewery.

Jasper Cuppaidge, founder and director of Camden Town Brewery, has seen sales of his craft beers grow at a phenomenal rate since launching in 2010.

The brewery sold 20,000 pints in its first year of production, while it sold 7.6million in 2014.

Sales have grown so fast production at one point had to be outsourced to Germany.

Outgrowing his current brewery in the arches of Kentish Town West underground station, the 39-year-old on Monday launched an online appeal for investors to help him sell 40million pints by 2020 by building a second brewery.

He is currently scouting for a suitable site in north London.

It marks another major chapter in the Australian’s journey as a London brewer, which began when he became the landlord of The Horseshoe pub in Heath Street in 2006 and started making beer in its basement.

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Mr Cuppaidge said: “When I took over the pub the only lager I could readily buy was from the large global breweries that were dominating the market.

“At that time, great lager wasn’t readily available in the UK, so I started brewing in the basement of The Horseshoe and I quickly discovered there was a great enthusiasm for our beers.

“We’ve been growing at a crazy pace down here at Camden Town Brewery over the last few years.

“A new brewery has been our dream for a while now and will make sure we’re able to keep up with demand and our ambitions.”

Using the online crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, people can buy an equity stake in the company for as little as £10, all the way up to £500,000.

Extra rewards vary depending on the amount invested but include merchandise, discounts at the brewery bar, and fresh beer delivered direct to your door.

A three-day brewery tour trip to Baveria will be offered to anybody investing over £250,000 while those wishing to invest £500,000 can suggest what they deem their reward should be, “as long as it’s legal”.

A series of events has been announced to coincide with the two-month “Hells Raiser” fundraising campaign – named after its flagship Hells Lager beer.

The brewery also revealed it had just taken the keys to a new pub in Kentish Town High Street, which will be opened as the brewery’s second tasting house in June.

Those wanting to invest should visit