Camden's disgraceful failure to pay the living wage to all

Camden s Green Party councillors are extremely disappointed that the council s Liberal Democrat and Conservative administration decided at last week s executive meeting not to adopt the London living wage as a minimum for its own employees and those of co

AT this week's Swiss Cottage Safer Neighbourhood meeting there was one topic that everyone agreed on: the aggravation caused by the anti-social behaviour of a small minority of cyclists.

This was true of pavement cycling and the meeting agreed this should become a priority of the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and they continue to ticket cyclists on the pavement. It is interesting that this issue constantly comes up in focus groups on crime right through Camden.

There is also great concern at the way cyclists ignore pedestrians' right of way at pedestrian crossings.

There is clearly no instant solution to this. All responsible cyclists may want to remind their less responsible colleagues on the damage that their actions are causing to the cycling movement.

In the meantime proposals by Mayor Boris Johnson to give greater licence to cyclists should be put on hold.

Cllr Roger Freeman

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