Camden police officers save life of baby girl they delivered in back of car

Newborn Emily was delivered in back of car

Newborn Emily was delivered in back of car - Credit: Archant

Two Camden police officers delivered a baby girl in the back of a car after her mother went into advanced labour on the way to hospital.

PCs Yasa Amera and Liam OHalloran

PCs Yasa Amera and Liam OHalloran - Credit: Archant

As the newborn, now named Emily, struggled to breath, with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, one of the PCs managed to remove the cord and keep her breathing until doctors arrived.

PCs Liam O’Halloran and Yasa Amerat were called to assist the couple as they arrived at the University College Hopsital carpark, on Euston Road on Monday morning.

A police spokesman said: “The baby’s head was crowning so PC O’Halloran had to deliver the baby in the back of the car while PC Amerat comforted the father.

“The baby was purple and the cord was wrapped around her neck. PC O’Halloran was able to release the cord, getting baby to breathe until a doctor arrived and assisted. The cord was cut with a pair of loose tuff cut scissors from the police car and the baby was handed to mum.”

Newborn Emily with her relieved parents

Newborn Emily with her relieved parents - Credit: Archant

Emily’s parents today praised the officers for saving their baby’s life.

Her father Justin Marshall, said: “We are so unbelievably thankful for their help. If it weren’t for PC O’Halloran’s calm actions under pressure I’d have no idea if my beautiful daughter Emily would be with us now. We will be forever be grateful to Liam and Yasa for their help.”

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PC O’Halloran, said: “This is the proudest moment of my career as a police officer to date.”

PC Amerat, said: “As police officers we deal with a range of issues which are often related to injuries and death so it’s a nice feeling to see and be part of the start of someone’s life.”