Camden woman in running for Miss Universe Germany

An image of Sarah wearing a beige shirt, posing for the camera with her head resting on her hands

Miss Universe Germany contender Sarah Bauroth - Credit: Lucie Johnston

A Camden woman will take on 14 other contestants for the title of Miss Universe Germany 2022.

Sarah Bauroth is German by birth but has lived all over the world, in places such as Singapore, Norway, Malaysia and most recently Chalk Farm.

Having been runner up in Miss Supranational Germany this year, the 23-year-old decided to compete again in order to promote environmentally friendly practices of combating food waste and food insecurity. 

Shortly after moving to the UK three years ago, Sarah discovered an app called Olio where people can volunteer to pick up unpurchased foods from stores such as Tesco or Costa in order to redistribute them to those in need. 

She said she participates in the programme weekly due to a moral obligation to the environment, and that Olio has impacted the way she sees things.

“I learned a lot about [food waste] in school of course, but I think through the experiences I’ve had with seeing different cultures and different financial situations and I have learned that the world is so diverse but everyone still needs to support each other,” she said.

Sarah, who is a marketing student, said she plans to use the skills she earned from Miss Supranational to give her an edge in Miss Universe in July. 

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She said she will highlight her tenacity and ability to be a good listener.

“My strategy is just to prepare and read up on the information,” she said. “To practice my walk, make sure I have everything that is required for the casting, and to know the schedule of the day. Finally, to be happy about it but also enjoy it and try my best.”

She added: “I want to show Germany and the world that beauty pageants are more than just my face and that I actually have something behind it.”

Sarah Bauroth was first runner-up in Miss Supranational 2022

Sarah Bauroth was first runner-up in Miss Supranational 2022 - Credit: Ulrich Brothagen