Camden men jailed for rape of teenager targeted by Tube station

Abdi Ahmed and Ahmed Mohamed raped a 16-year-old they preyed upon by Camden Town tube station

Abdi Ahmed and Ahmed Mohamed raped a 16-year-old they preyed upon by Camden Town tube station - Credit: Met Police

Men from Kentish Town and Camden have been jailed for the rape of a 16-year-old girl. 

Kentish Town's Abdi Ahmed, 32, and Camden man Ahmed Mohamed, 41, were sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Wednesday. 

After being admitting three counts of rape, Ahmed was told he will serve nine years in prison. Mohamed admitted one count of rape, and was sentenced to six years and 10 months.

The pair targeted the girl, who was charging her phone outside of the Camden Town station, on May 5 last year.

After coercing her into following them - Ahmed told her he had killed people in the past in order to scare her into compliance - they attempted to take her first to the Kentish Town hostel where Ahmed was staying but were told guests were not allowed. 

Instead, the duo went to Mohamed's Camden flat where they both raped the teenager. She escaped to the bathroom and was able to call for help. 

She described to the operator roughly where she had been taken while officers tracked her phone. 

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When Mohamed was arrested, he initially told police officers: “The most I’ve probably done is touch her hair.”

The victim was left with bruises to her neck and chest.

Prosecutor Tanyia Dogra said: "“These men took advantage of a vulnerable young teenager. They claimed the young victim had consented to sexual activity - but with the overwhelming prosecution evidence against them, these rapists changed their pleas.

“The evidence against Ahmed and Mohamed included compelling testimony from the 16-year-old victim who was brave enough to lock herself in the bathroom and call the police when she got the opportunity.

She added: "I hope this prosecution plays some part in helping the victim to move forward.”

A charge of false imprisonment will lie on file for both men, who have also been placed on the sex offenders' register.