Camden designer goes Gaga over dolls’ dresses

CREATING Monster dresses in miniature – a Camden designer has taken on her most bizarre challenge yet by creating this range of tiny Lady Gaga-inspired dresses.

The American pop princess, famed for her fashion sense, may have the might of the Haus of Gaga behind her every outfit, but London College of Fashion graduate Anna Chong took just a day to create this miniature collection using a children’s toy.

Among the nine-strong paparazzi-worthy collection which would put Barbie’s fashion credentials to shame is the red lace dress and crown Lady Gaga wore at the MTV Video Music Awards, her bubble dress from the Rolling Stone cover and her infamous lobster hat and plastic dress ensemble.

But the biggest challenge came in creating Gaga’s sensational meat dress or, to be more specific, finding the right material with which to recreate it.

Salami, honey roasted ham and raw beef strips all fell by the wayside before Ms Chong settled on Parma ham.

The 23-year-old Eversholt Street resident said: “Lady Gaga is a true trend-setter with her unconventional outfits causing a major stir in the fashion world. I think she is a really cool person and her outfits are outstanding.”

The dolls were premiered at the London Toy Fair to showcase Harumika dress forms – a model which allows youngsters to make fashion creations without the need for scissors, sewing or glue by tucking material into the back of the mannequin.

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“I am hoping the mini-collection, which takes a fraction of the time and cost to replicate, will send the toy world Gaga – and I advise supermarkets to stock up on their supplies of Parma ham,” said Ms Chong.

The wannabe designer, originally from Hong Kong, has now posted videos of how to make the Gaga dresses on YouTube so other fashion fans can try to recreate the outfits.

“It was not difficult to do – it’s really easy to make,” she said. “I hope I can inspire some other young girls who like fashion design to try, as they are very simple to make. I really enjoyed it.”

To view the videos on how to make the Gaga dresses, go to