Camden Council’s chief executive is stepping down

After eight years leading the Camden ship council chief executive Moira Gibb CBE has announced she is stepping down from the role at the end of the year.

She said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Camden Council, but feel that after eight years it is time to seek new challenges.

“Camden is a fantastically interesting place with many challenges but huge assets. While I recognise that our residents see our flaws as well as our achievements, it has been great to see our residents’ satisfaction with the council rising year on year.

“A particular high spot was the Audit Commission’s Corporate Assessment in December 2007 which gave Camden the maximum possible rating – ‘the best local authority in the country’.

“I have been privileged to lead an amazing group of talented people.”

Her replacement will not earn the same salary at the outgoing chief executive, which is understood to be around �200,000 a year.

Council leader Nasim Ali said: “At a time when the public sector is facing unprecedented attacks, Moira has been crucial in steering the council through one of the most challenging periods of financial uncertainty and risk.

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“Unlike some other local authorities who planned to tackle the cuts from central government year on year, Moira and the senior management team had the foresight to plan over the longer term. Moira will leave Camden in a much stronger position to continue to the delivery of services to our residents.

“I will be speaking to the leaders of the opposition parties in due course in relation to the recruitment process.

“As part of our savings plan has already approved a lower pay scale for Chief Officers and we will be recruiting a new Chief Executive on this new lower salary.

“I would personally like to thank Moira for the guidance she has shown me and my colleagues when forming our new administration. For Camden, Moira will be a hard act to follow.”