Call for women in Hampstead and Highgate to join social club for widows

A widow is calling for more women from Hampstead and Highgate to join her social club for those who have lost their partners.

Chulurat Huszar, 64, of Southwood Lane, Highgate, set up a group for widows in north London two weeks ago to help ease women’s loneliness.

The club, a branch of the national Jolly Dollies social network for widows, is based in Highgate and Muswell Hill and has four members.

Women who sign up will go out for lunch or for a day trip with Ms Huszar and other widows at least once a month to talk about coping with grief, loneliness and a life without their partner.

Ms Huszar, who lost her husband seven years ago, said: “It was hard but luckily I have lots of friends as my family are back in Bangkok and my son is in South Africa. But friends are fantastic. That’s why I very much want to support this group.

“Friends helped me to get up and when I want to cry, I cry with my friends. The thing is, it’s difficult to explain to other people, you have to have that experience.”

n Email to become a member of Jolly Dollies, join Ms Huszar’s group or start a new one.