'You come outside to Deliveroo riders sat on your doorstep'

Motorcycles on parking space on road

Riders in West End Lane - Credit: Caroline

A West Hampstead woman has complained to Deliveroo about crowds of delivery riders gathering on her doorstep for the last two years.

The West End Lane resident, who asked to be referred to as Caroline, says the riders have been parking in her space and being noisy long into the evening.

Deliveroo said its team is speaking to riders to remind them of their community responsibilities.

From the start of the first lockdown, delivery riders started parking outside Caroline's home, whose entrance is in West Cottages, a private road next to the Little Waitrose. 

She said at first there were just a few drivers but that numbers grew and "all of a sudden you come outside and they're just sitting on your doorstep". 

"It's not nice when you come home from work and you see eight to 10 drivers standing there. I asked them to move a few times and I was told to 'f*** off' once. It's quite intimidating," she said.

She said she and her neighbours can hear talking and laughing from 8am to 10pm.

Makeshift A4 signs laminated and stuck onto outside wall of someone's house

The signs that Caroline and her neighbours made read: "Parking here is too noisy and stressful. Please park or stop somewhere else." - Credit: Caroline

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Caroline and other residents put signs asking the drivers not to park in the narrow side road, where there is already a sign by Britannia Parking, on behalf of Waitrose, threatening £100 fines for non-residents.

But she said since she put up the signs, riders have started parking in her space in the CAP Zone on West End lane, which she pays £200 a year to use.

Labour councillor Shiva Tiwari asked council officers to visit the area, but said "no instances of idling or other such breach of laws or regulations were observed".

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: "We expect all the riders we work with to behave professionally and respectfully at all times, so it's disappointing to hear this resident hasn't had a good experience.

"Our rider engagement team is speaking with riders in the area to understand what's gone on and remind everyone that Deliveroo works best as part of its local communities."

Waitrose said it was aware of Caroline's concerns and it raised them with Deliveroo.

The supermarket said its Deliveroo slots finish at 9.30pm, and it aims to have a turnaround time for its delivery slots of 10 minutes.

"Riders will be collecting from a number of local eateries but often use the cycle parking outside our shop whilst they do this.

"We pride ourselves on being a good neighbour and would encourage Caroline to contact us directly if the problem persists," the spokesperson said.