'Bedrock of Weston Park': Londis owner retires after 40 years

Jaswant Gosal outside londis

Jaswant Gosal has owned Weston Park's Londis since 1982. - Credit: David Winskill

A Crouch End convenience store owner is selling his shop after 40 years.

Jaswant Gosal, known as Jas, has run Londis in Weston Park with his family since 1982. He plans to retire later this month, selling the shop to friend Halil Kurt.

The Londis, formerly known as Weston Park Grocers, has served the Hornsey community for decades, with shop assistant Jaimin Dhobi also on hand to help.

The store shot to fame after featuring in the 2004 film Shaun of the Dead, where protagonist Shaun nips inside to buy himself a strawberry Cornetto. Cult fans have been known to visit the store themselves to buy the same ice cream.

Jas told the Ham&High: "I know all the people here, I know their children and grandchildren. I think most of them really do appreciate me being here.

"I've seen lots of changes over the years, shops closing and opening. There's been a lot of change in Weston Park – we used to have a grocery store and butchers, but places can't afford the rent."

Jas and Jaimin

Jas and shop assistant Jaimin have helped to feed the Hornsey community during the pandemic - Credit: David Winskill

Crouch End writer and campaigner David Winskill, whose father previously owned the shop, called Jas and his family a "fixture of the little shopping parade" for 40 years.

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He said: "They have become a bedrock of the Weston Park community, and a lot of people will be very sad to see them go.

"It's little shops like these that kept so many of us going during Covid and I hope people will recognise the contribution they've made."

Jas moved to the UK from India in 1978, and for the first six months worked in a factory on the site where Crouch End Picturehouse now stands.

He went on to work at factories across north London, including making plastic bags and gas equipment, before they began to be closed down under Margaret Thatcher's leadership.

Jaswant Gosal

Jas's shop featured in Shaun of the Dead - Credit: David Winskill

"It was a last to come, first to go policy," Jas said. "I needed to find something else to do."

He bought the Londis store in the early 1980s with his cousin, and his wife Pam has aided his work over the years. Jas and Pam live in Muswell Hill and have two children.