The Wine Cellar in Swain's Lane closes

The Wine Cellar has closed permanently

The Wine Cellar has closed permanently - Credit: Nathalie Raffray

A wine and cocktail bar in Parliament Hill has called last orders after failing to recover from the Covid pandemic.

The Wine Cellar opened in Swain's Lane in December 2019 and on Saturday (July 23) closed permanently .

The wine and cocktail bar was one of a clutch of new businesses set up in the parade following its redevelopment by Noble House Properties in 2018.

Closure notice at The Wine Cellar

Closure notice at The Wine Cellar - Credit: Nathalie Raffray

General manager Russel Blas said: "This was a difficult situation. We had to do this rather than suffer.

"We suffered the last two years and we backed the business, but it's not been the same."

The bar opened in 2019 with everything planned to provide wine.

"After that everything changed so we diverted and put in more drinks, offering beer and cocktails to bring money in as we had bills to pay.

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"It was very successful. We had a Christmas Party but then with Omicron, everything stopped, all the prices had to go up."  

Jay Turner, founder, said: "We've had to close for a number of reasons – Covid, restrictions – we were always left chasing our tails. 

"Support was there but it wasn't necessarily enough. Life goes on, we move on."