Crouch End pub calls for dialogue over noise complaints

Harringay Arms

The Harringay Arms, Crouch End - Credit: Clay Lorenzo

The Harringay Arms owner has asked for any noise-related issues to be taken directly to him, after receiving a letter featuring multiple complaints from the council. 

Clay Lorenzo, who runs the Crouch End pub, made the request in a post on the Crouch End Appreciation Society Facebook page. 

In it, he said: “If you have an issue with noise at any point, please come into the pub and talk to me or one of my colleagues and we will be happy to help.” 

According to the letter Clay received, three complaints were issued to the pub for reasons that included loud singing and loud live music.  

One complaint was at 5.39pm on November 1 and another at 9.12pm on December 3. The last complaint was made at 9.10pm on December 10.      

Clay does not know who made the complaints but said he has told customers to be mindful of the amount of noise they make when leaving the pub. 

He said: “We have signs when people leave asking them to be quiet when leaving. We have staff that go out and make sure there’s no glass outside and make sure people are quiet outside the back garden when it gets to 10pm.” 

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Since his Facebook post, Clay said he has received a positive reaction from locals. 

“The post had over 300 likes and comments about people needing to accept that they are living near a pub,” he said. 

“We are trying to bring a pub back to life through live music, which we have done since we have been open after Covid, by getting musicians that have had no work for two and half years, but a few complaints can destroy a pub.” 

Cllr Erdal Dogan, Cabinet Member for stronger and safer communities, said: “After receiving a noise complaint relating to the Harringay Arms we sent a warning letter to the pub to remind them to ensure they take appropriate steps to avoid noise nuisance in future. Further complaints are subject to investigation by our Out of Hours Team. 

“We recognise the significant benefits that the borough’s growing vibrant and diverse evening economy brings to Haringey. We are working with residents and businesses across the borough to support well managed businesses operating in this space while ensuring that inconvenience to residents such as noise nuisance is minimised.”