Dads launch food boxes to help families through the weaning process

Chris Jenkins and Jonathan Krarup from That's Scrummy

Chris Jenkins and Jonathan Krarup from That's Scrummy - Credit: That's Scrummy

A pair of dads have launched a food delivery business designed to help parents through the weaning process while pleasing their tots’ tummies.

The West Hampstead-based That's Scrummy delivers weaning boxes of pre-measured ingredients to addresses in north-west London. 

Longtime friends and company founders Chris Jenkins and Jonathan Krarup, met 15 years ago while working in the creative industry.  

They say that when they became fathers, they were shocked by the lack of support and knowledge available about weaning, the process of gradually introducing a child to an adult diet.

The That's Scrummy 6 months box 

The That's Scrummy 6 months box - Credit: That's Scrummy

Jonathan is a 38-year-old graphic designer and father of two, aged two and six. He said he felt overwhelmed by the mass of conflicting information available.

He said: “There’s no information out there, but then there’s lots of information out there.

“Do I do weaning with a baby-led or spoon-led approach?

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“We thought, there’s an easier, simpler way to do it.”

So on October 1, Jonathan and Chris launched That’s Scrummy, a service that delivers boxes of nutritious, locally sourced ingredients, and recipes.

By providing all the materials needed for weaning, in one conveniently packaged box, they aim to remove the stress from the process. 

The recipes are inspired by consultations with NCT (National Childbirth Trust) groups, and the experiences of the founders’ friends and families. The weaning guide is approved by the NHS.

On top of food and recipes, That’s Scrummy offer specially designed charts, planners and diaries to simplify what can be a complicated process. 

Chris, a 36-year-old product designer, and father of one, lives in St. John’s Wood.

He said: “The weaning kits are a centralised resource of information

“When it comes to babies, there’s no right or wrong. Each baby takes the weaning in a different way. So when you’ve got a book or resource that’s really in-depth, it can be a bit overwhelming

“With this, everything is a lot more simple. It’s digestible to read, understand and apply to your particular experience.”

There are two kinds of boxes available, one catering to six-month-olds and the other to seven-month-olds and over, priced at £14.99 and £18.99. 

The That's Scrummy 7+ months box 

The That's Scrummy 7+ months box - Credit: That's Scrummy

The boxes are not bought as part of a subscription model but as one-off purchases. 

The pair hope to release themed seasonal weaning boxes for Halloween and Christmas, as well as a nine-month-old box, which would include carbohydrates, proteins and herbs.