Khoai: Crouch End restaurant's food bank fundraiser for Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation

Anne Marie from Khoai Cafe in Crouch End with the food bags she and her husband Vinh are selling in aid of the Alexandra...

Anne Marie from Khoai Cafe in Crouch End with the food bags she and her husband Vinh are selling in aid of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation's food bank work. - Credit: Lindsey Wylie

With lockdowns and tight restrictions meaning it can't operate normally, a Crouch End Thai restaurant has been selling takeaway food bags in aid of a local food bank. 

Anne Marie and Vinh Do, who run the Khoai Cafe in Topsfield Parade, have been selling the organic packages in aid of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation's work with the Ringcross Food Bank in Islington. 

Former Ham&High editor Geoff Martin with Lindsey Wylie of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation and some of the children...

Former Ham&High editor Geoff Martin with Lindsey Wylie, of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation, and some of the children the charity has worked with back in 2015. - Credit: Polly Hancock

The enterprising duo arrived in the UK as refugees from Vietnam 41 years ago, when they were just 14.

Anne Marie said:  “We were very touched by the plight of those who are finding themselves queuing at the food bank.  We know what is like to suddenly face losing everything, and we are so grateful for all we have had from this country and wanted to give back what we could.”

Anne Marie and Vinh left on the boats from Cam Ranh Bay when they were 14 years old, and they spent three days bent over as there wasn’t enough room to sit straight.  

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When they arrived in the United Kingdom, they were helped by the Catholic Church which provided clothes and places to stay.  

Anne Marie said: “Everyone was so welcoming and Princess Anne helped with ensuring our families could join us.  We will always be incredibly grateful for the generosity we were shown.”

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All year, the AWTF has been working to increase its work at the Ringcross Community Centre to meet hugely increased demand at the food bank their due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The charity was set up a decade ago by Lindsey Wylie, in memory of her daughter, Channing schoolgirl Alexandra, who suffered from a rare form of cancer and died aged just 17. 

Since then, the charity has tirelessly fundraised in her honour in order to help children and families in need locally. 

Most recently, a Christmas auction raised £29,583 to go towards AWTF's food bank work.

Lindsey said Anne Marie and Vinh had donated a huge amount of rice to the food bank, and then wanted to work out how they could help further. 

And of the auction she said: "We were holding the online auction to make sure the provision at the food bank can keep running. It's been so busy, and so needed."

The proceeds from the food bags at Khoai will help to boost the fundraising total further as families look towards a worrying beginning to 2021. To support the charity visit

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