'We don't need to drink more coffee' say cafés as Joe & The Juice moves in

Joe and the Juice store front

Joe and the Juice is set to open a new branch in Muswell Hill - Credit: Joe and the Juice

The recent announcement that Joe & The Juice is coming to Muswell Hill has raised concerns from independent café owners.

The area currently has an estimated 20 cafés, with the Danish chain set to be the newest as it plans to move into the former Moss Bros store in Muswell Hill Road.

Ellie, who manages Organic Alley on Fortis Green Road, is worried about the potential impact of the chain’s arrival.  

She said: "I’m concerned for small independent business because we do fresh juices, and we do smoothies, and we’ve not been here for a long time, and a big chain opening could have a big impact on us."

When asked if residents of Muswell Hill will stick to independents over chains like Joe & The Juice, Ellie was unsure.

"I honestly wouldn’t know until it got here and how our customers reacted to it because some people just like familiarity, and they don’t like taking that risk." 

Claire, who owns La Dinette and is also based on Fortis Green Road, is equally concerned.

"I’ve been here for six years, and I’m not surprised anymore because every four months, a new coffee shop opens,” said Claire. 

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"The council should maybe try to find out which services we need and services that serve the community a lot more.

"It’s helping no one, and we don’t need to drink more coffee!”

Mahyar, who owns the Hedgehog café on Muswell Hill Broadway, is more optimistic but also has reservations.

“We still have to see how people react to the opening… in one point it is good for us because it is more competition, which means that we have to try harder and improve our quality to compete with them, but on the other hand, it might mean our less loyal customers go there.”

Joe & The Juice has many chains across London, with the founder wanting to make "healthy food sexy".

As well as teas, coffee, juices and vegan shakes, Joe & The Juice also sells sandwiches, vegan salad bowls and snacks starting at £1 for a power shake ball.

Joe & The Juice been contacted for comment.