'Z' sign in Barclays window not linked to Russian propaganda

Barclays shop with a4 paper sign with a black z on hanging in window.

Since Putin's invasion, 'Z' has become a symbol synonymous with Russian nationalism. - Credit: Liam Brennan

Barclays bank has said a "Z" spotted in the window of its Crouch End branch was part of its security checks – and not an expression of support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Some Haringey residents expressed shock at seeing the laminated sign, believing it to show support of Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

The "Z" symbol first appeared as an identifying symbol on Russian tanks in Ukraine, and became a meme on social media. It is now a propaganda emblem for the Kremlin.

On Twitter, residents questioned its use in the Barclays window and asked for it to be taken down.

A spokesperson said: “The letter forms part of our morning security checks and has now been removed from the branch window. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.”