'Gonged out': North London centre on 'sound healing'

Alchemy Sound Healing

Al Trinity (left) and Joanna Bilik (right) run Alchemy Sound Healing in north London - Credit: Alchemy Sound Healing

A Crouch End couple are hoping to support people to better deal with trauma and stresses with their north London sound healing centre. 

Alchemy Sound Healing, run Al Trinity and Joanna Bilik, was founded two years ago. It operates a range of events, including "sound therapy" and gong baths . 

The practice of sound healing, Al said, has roots in Kundalini yoga.  

Although there is a lack of clinical evidence to support their use in medicine, the Alchemy Sound Healing duo are convinced their methods can help others manage such issues in their lives. 

Joanna said: “[Customers] come to us distressed after two years of Covid, and from extroverts they become introverts, after all we’ve been through as a society. And they come to us extremely distressed with traumas, and they come out and they can’t remember why they were distressed in the first place. 

“They come out with a smile. It’s just so rewarding.” 

Al Trinity leading a gong bath

Al Trinity leading a gong bath - Credit: Alchemy Sound Healing

Al added: “There’s no doubt in my mind why people are turning to holistic therapies. Number one they’re not pumping them with chemicals. Number two, it’s not a belief system either.”

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He said all that is required is to turn up with an “open mind”. 

Al said: “We are now working towards this year opening a charity supported by the government and the NHS, with MIND, to support the system and help people with therapy.” 

Adopting a variety of techniques, from EFT to hypnotherapy and sound healing, Alchemy Sound Healing’s primary pull is a creation of their own which they call evolutionary sound healing.  

A combination of styles, making it what they describe as a “hybrid child”, the pair said it is the only thing of its kind in London. 

On the experience itself, Joanna described it as “like being high without the drugs”. She said it can even take them two days to recover: “We often get gonged out ourselves!” 

For those intrigued, Alchemy Sound Healing's next gong bath is at Camden Square on February 19, with further events on March 4 and May 6. Visit www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/alchemy-sound-healing-33123695087