Milkman Peter Bircham has served north London for more than 40 years.

After working for Express Dairies, Peter decided to set up his own business, Hampstead Premier Dairies, 25 years ago.

And to this day he jumps on his cart during the early hours and drops milk on the doorstep.

Peter said: “We’ve had some hard years but it’s picking up again now, what with people fed up of plastic.

“We’re a delivery service but we’re also a social service.

“I’ve often had to call the police if I’ve seen a door left open and, well, when someone hasn’t been taking in their milk for a day or two, you know something’s wrong.”

Peter, who is now 60, couldn’t contemplate doing anything different.

He said: “I couldn’t do days now – I’m a night person. You get used to being up and done early. And, of course, we always like to get people their milk before breakfast.”