Brother jailed for sending hoax bomb tied with red ribbon to sister’s wedding

A vengeful brother who posted a hoax bomb tied in red ribbon to ruin his sister’s wedding day has been jailed for four years.

Hasan Aydemir posted the fake explosive device – gift-wrapped to look like a wedding gift – from a Kentish Town post depot to a wedding hall in Istanbul three days before the happy couple were due to tie the knot.

The incident brought Ataturk airport in Istanbul to a standstill as the bomb squad were called in to investigate what turned out to be a clock, coloured wires and a putty-like material shaped to look like explosives.

A note was attached to the hoax bomb which read: “Leave the package on the table of the bride and groom on 20/03/2011. The package is my gift to Hatice and Menderes.”

Aydemir, 28, had been locked in a dispute with his younger sister Hatice over her marriage to Menderes Atici.

He had sent death threats and called her “mentally retarded” on several occasions.

Last Thursday (October 11) jurors at Blackfriars Crown Court found Aydemir, of Allington Avenue, Tottenham, guilty of sending a hoax bomb.

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Deputy assistant commissioner Stuart Osborne, senior national co-ordinator for counter terrorism, said: “Hasan Aydemir had clearly gone to great lengths to make a realistic looking hoax device, which was designed to deceive anyone seeing it into thinking that it was a bomb.

“His actions were extremely irresponsible and wasted valuable police resources both in Turkey and in London.

“We hope that today’s sentence will reinforce the message that the police investigate all incidents of hoaxes thoroughly and bring those responsible before the court.”