Haringey Lib Dems call emergency Brexit council meeting to discuss People’s Vote

Deputy Leader of Haringey Council, Jo Ejiofor

Deputy Leader of Haringey Council, Jo Ejiofor - Credit: Harry Taylor

Local Lib Dems have invoked arcane council rules to hold an extraordinary town hall meeting to hammer out Haringey’s position on Brexit.

The party, which is the opposition on the council, wants Haringey to follow other councils including Camden and the mayor of London in backing calls for a “People’s Vote”.

In response, Haringey Labour leader Joseph Ejiofor said the meeting was a “fair price to pay for democracy”, but warned against “‘yah-boo’ politics and name-calling.”

Cllr Liz Morris, who leads Haringey Lib Dems, said: “Haringey’s Labour group has to choose between its shambolic and weak national party line on Brexit or the interests of the residents and businesses in Haringey who it is supposed to represent.

“We know the economic impact on this borough and the rest of the country will be devastating.”

The meeting will take place on October 11.

It will see the Lib Dems table a motion that, if passed, would see Haringey officially supporting calls for a second referendum on the terms of Brexit.

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The Lib Dems moved to call an extraordinary meeting as the council would not otherwise be discussing its Brexit position before the UK’s target deadline for reaching a deal on withdrawal from the EU passes in October.

Cllr Ejiofor said: “Our first choice for that conversation should be at a general election, but if Theresa May is driving Britain towards a ‘no deal’ Brexit, this should be subject to a People’s Vote.

“While I believe the cost to the Haringey council tax payer to hold this extraordinary council meeting is a fair price to pay for democracy, I am uncertain of what impact our deliberations could have on the civil war within the Tory party.”