Bob Dylan and the mistaken address in Crouch End

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Credit: Archant

Bob Dylan once got lost in Crouch End so the saying goes and ended up having a cup of tea with a fan.

The story, tall or short, who knows, was the subject of Sky Arts new Urban Myths series which aired last week.

Bob Dylan, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year with songs such as Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Mr Tambourine Man and Tangled up in Blue, is in the area to see his friend Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics, who in the 1980’s owned the Crypt studio at 145 Crouch Hill.

Arriving from Heathrow in a cab, Bob is dropped off in Crouch End Hill, and knocks on number 145.

A woman answers the door, who tells Bob her husband, also plausibly called Dave, has popped out to the shops and offers him a cup of tea while he waits for him.

When Dave the plumber returns he recognises his musical hero straightaway, greeting him like an old friend.

David Winskill, former Crouch End councillor, said: “This story has been kicking around Crouch End for well over two decades and there are as many versions as there are people who tell it.

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“By portraying Bob Dylan as a bit vague the writers have cleverly got round any questions of fact!

“There are some great scenes of the clock tower and other bits of Crouch End and I hope as many people as possible who live in the area will get to watch it.”