Blackcurrant and Almond Jam

Blackcurrant and Almond Jam

The addition of almond in this jam really lifts the intense flavour of the blackcurrants, simply delicious.


2lb fresh blackcurrants – washed and picked over1ltr water2lb granulated sugar4tsp almond essence


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1 Place the blackcurrants in a copper pan (if possible) with the water. Gently simmer the fruit until the liquid has started to come out of the fruit.

2 Add the sugar. Continue cooking at the same heat while the sugar dissolves. Increase the heat and bring the mixture to boiling point and continue boiling until setting point is reached (see left).

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3 Once setting point is reached, pour in the almond essence and bring back to boiling point again.

4 Bottle immediately into warm sterilised jars and lid. Clearly label and enjoy when completely cold.

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