Black Lives Matter: Protesters take the knee outside Alexandra Palace

Picture: Alexandra Palace

Picture: Alexandra Palace - Credit: Alexandra Palace

Hundreds of protesters took the knee in front of Alexandra Palace on Saturday in support of Black Lives Matter.

Picture: Alexandra Palace

Picture: Alexandra Palace - Credit: Alexandra Palace

The demonstration was held on June 13 in Alexandra Park after ten Muswell Hill parents vowed to stand against racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police in the US.

The peaceful, socially distanced protest was organised during the week on WhatsApp by the group of parents whose children attend Alexandra Park School and Fortismere School.

At the demonstration Muswell Hill resident Louise Nkosi gave a speech, saying: “With the brutal murder of George Floyd and the world’s response to it, people are saying that we are at a turning point.

“Well forgive me if I am cautious here. What we have is an opportunity and it’s going to take hard work to turn that into real change.

Picture: Alexandra Palace

Picture: Alexandra Palace - Credit: Alexandra Palace

“And that work must include white people realising “racism is not simply a ‘conscious hate’. Racism is bigger than that.”

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Organiser Sara Hamilton said the Ally Pally protest was to fight for “sustained” change where “our children can grow up in a in a world where they won’t be treated differently on the count of their skin.”

Picture: Alexandra Palace

Picture: Alexandra Palace - Credit: Alexandra Palace

Sara told the Ham&High: “We want to do something that’s going to have a sustained impact, so it’s not just a one-off demo on a sunny Saturday morning where everyone can go away feeling they did something positive.

“All of us are really committed to impact that is going to be sustained and that will effect change now for the next generation of teenagers.”

Alexandra councillor Nick da Costa said he was “proud” to attend the protest and that its strength of “solidarity” was “very moving”.

He added: “It was a celebration of the diversity of our local area, but also a recognition that so much more needs to be done to eradicate racism, hate and discrimination from society.”

Picture: Outdoor Haringey

Picture: Outdoor Haringey - Credit: Alexandra Palace

As the Ally Pally protest took place, in central London more than 100 people were arrested following far-right protests.

Catherine West, Hornsey and Wood Green MP, said: “The peaceful and moving scenes at Alexandra Palace this Saturday come as a deep contrast to the violent and repugnant scenes just a few miles away in Whitehall.

“The demands of those at Alexandra Palace, and all other Black Lives Matter protests, are clear and concise, and the need for change will continue until the government take meaningful action.”

On Saturday, Alexandra Palace said it “welcomed” and “supported” the protest.

Elsewhere, Highgate’s Pond Square saw demonstrators take the knee on Sunday afternoon in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.