Bike crash victim had planned May wedding

A MOTORCYCLIST was killed at an accident blackspot in Camden Town just two months before he was due to get married

Ben McPartland

A MOTORCYCLIST was killed at an accident blackspot in Camden Town just two months before he was due to get married.

Alphonsus Sweeney, 41, from Holloway, died in a collision with a truck at the junction of Arlington Road and Delancey Street at 7.25am on Friday.

Mr Sweeney, of Landseer Road, was due to marry on May 10. Raj Kumar, his fiancee's brother, said: "Alphonsus was already part of our family. This is very hard to come to terms with.''

As police appeal for witnesses to come forward, concern is growing about safety at the site.

Two give way signs at the junction were damaged in previous accidents and have never been repaired. Police have not said whether this contributed to the accident.

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Spencer Tregea, from Arlington Road, said: "There are lots of accidents here on this corner - mostly involving motorbikes. This is a horrendous corner.

"It's horrible having to go out and pick these people up off the floor. Maybe now someone has died something can be done about it. I've been here two and half years and I must have seen at least 12 crashes. The council should put up traffic lights, speed bumps or cameras on Delancey Street. The town hall has known about this problem for a long time."

Other residents supported Mr Tregea's views and have also demanded the council take action to prevent further tragedies.

Manager of Arlington Road's Mignon restaurant, Hussien Dekmak, said: "There have been quite a few accidents here. I've seen maybe 10. It's due to careless drivers who don't look. They should put traffic lights there."

Alfred Meadows, from Oakley Square, said: "On this corner we've heard of other accidents.

"Everybody's angry at the council because nothing's been done about it. The pedestrian lights are in the wrong place. The council isn't putting them in the right places. They should be on the corner and be used for both roads."

Mr Sweeney's family has been informed of the death by police and a post mortem took place at St Pancras Mortuary yesterday.

Anyone who was in the area and can help police in the investigation should call the Collision Investigation Unit on 020-7388 6806.

A Camden Council spokeswoman said: "As part of a local safety scheme, Camden Council has undertaken work to improve the sightlines between traffic exiting from Arlington Road north side and traffic travelling on Delancey Street. This includes widening the pavement on Delancey Street on the north side just before its junction with Arlington Road - allowing motorists to see traffic approaching from Delancey Street.

"The council will be liaising closely with the police to establish the cause of this tragic accident. As well as road layout, the police will be considering a number of other factors including, visibility, weather and speed."