Camden kitchen business opposes council's Baynes Street plans

K&I Kitchens' owner Kalin Mihaylov (right) fears for his lorries' access

K&I Kitchens' owner Kalin Mihaylov (right) fears for his lorries' access - Credit: Kalin Mihaylov

A Camden business says the council’s proposals to restrict traffic in Baynes Street could force his store to close.  

K&I Kitchens says it won’t be able to take deliveries from its suppliers if the proposals to ban vehicles over 7.5 tonnes goes through.    

The business, which has run for 17 years, relies on deliveries of large appliances such as fridges and ovens from 20-tonne trucks for its showroom and storage.    

Camden Council says the plans, which are out for public consultation, are designed to make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and to improve bus journey times.

Kalin Mihaylov, a Baynes Street resident and the owner of K&I Kitchens, told the Ham&High: “If the scheme goes ahead as is, we simply won’t be able to take out deliveries and quite a few of our suppliers will refuse to deliver to us, which ultimately would result in a loss of business and a loss of jobs. 

K&I Kitchens relies on large deliveries form abroad

K&I Kitchens relies on large deliveries form abroad - Credit: Kalin Mihaylov

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“In this environment that is the last thing that we want to hear. It is a big problem for us.” 

Camden Council said its “except access” provision means that traders’ vehicles over 7.5 tonnes would still be able to access Baynes Street, but, as traffic would be closed onto Royal College Street, they would have to turn around in side streets such as Reachview Close to exit via St Pancras Way.    

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Kalin, 43, who is joined in opposition by Baynes Street business Wood-Frame Joinery, said its heavy goods vehicles wouldn’t be able to turn around as the spots suggested by the council are too small.  

“I don’t think the council is fully aware of the whole extent of the scheme,” Kalin said. “I’m trying to do everything to make them understand how we operate as a business.”  

Kalin Mihaylov has been running his kitchen business for 17 years

Kalin Mihaylov has been running his kitchen business for 17 years - Credit: Kalin Mihaylov

A Camden Council spokesperson said: “The coronavirus pandemic has created new road safety challenges and our priority is to make it easier and safer for people to travel around the borough.   

“As part of this, the Council are proposing changes to Baynes Street and St Pancras Way to make these streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, whilst also improving bus journey times in the area.   

“In line with new Department for Transport guidance, we are currently consulting on these proposals to get the views of local residents, businesses and stakeholders, which will all be carefully considered during the decision process.”   

Residents can comment on the proposals until February 2 at

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