Basement plans near Hampstead road chasm spark subsidence fears

Plans for a basement extension just two doors from the spot where a gaping hole appeared in Hampstead have sparked fears of further subsidence.

The proposed basement development in Redington Road, Hampstead, is near to the site of a vast cavern that opened up in the road two weeks ago - large enough to fit a man in.

Cllr Chris Knight, who discovered the hole, believes it was caused by sand being washed away by water flow over many years.

And Reddington Road resident Andrew Holmes says the basement development could play havoc with a stream that runs beneath his home and may flow under the proposed extension.

The 66-year-old said: “Not only would these plans see the ground water disturbed and diverted but more than likely it would cause massive subsidence or a massive heave.

“All the houses on that same course would be adversely affected.”

Mr Holmes, who has lived in the family house for 65 years, believes it also sits on a stream that feeds the River Westbourne.

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But a report by planning consultants says the extension, next to a Grade II-listed house, will not affect water flow.

Camden Council’s planning committee is yet to consider the application.