Barnet Council to discipline councillor Brian Coleman for calling resident ‘a tw*t’

Brian Coleman leaves Uxbridge Magistrates Court 05.11.12.

Brian Coleman leaves Uxbridge Magistrates Court 05.11.12. - Credit: Archant

Disgraced councillor Brian Coleman’s judicial woes may be behind him but he still finds himself at the sharp end of Barnet Council’s disciplinary stick.

Cllr Coleman now faces a public telling-off at the next meeting of Barnet’s full council after being found guilty of calling a resident “a tw*t” during a council meeting last year.

Last month Cllr Coleman was found to have breached the council’s code of conduct in relation to the remark.

As punishment, the Totteridge councillor now faces having the breach read out at the next full council meeting on September 10.

However, it is believed, he will appeal the disciplinary hearing’s decision, which may delay the censure.

At the disciplinary hearing last month, Cllr Coleman, who was expelled from the Conservative Party in June following a conviction for assault, was exonerated in relation to a separate accusation that he had breached the members’ code by referring to the public gallery at a council meeting last year as “the sad, mad and a couple of hags”.