Attack on vulnerable people with needs

Further to the letter published from a group of professionals in the field (So-called initiative a threat to services, H&H letters, August 12), may I add my voice to theirs and the many many others who have not written to you protesting at the action that is being contemplated by the NHS in Camden (Mental Health Services).

This is what amounts to a cruel attack on a section of Camden’s population that is perhaps among its most vulnerable, certainly among its most in need of long term support.

The action being proposed has absolutely everything to do with money saving and absolutely nothing to do with the support needs of this group of people.

The consultation process was a meaningless one as the cogent arguments put on their behalf were hardly listened to let alone given serious consideration.

It was clear to all of us involved that the decision had already been made; a decision that is thoughtless and short sighted at best, cruel at worst, to deprive those in need of the support that in many instances holds their lives together.

It is time for Camden NHS to seriously reconsider both its position and the decision that has been reached.

Barry Peskin

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Wedmore Street, N19