Art creates a splash in Whittington

A Whittington Hospital volunteer put his artwork on display for a day in a fundraising bid.

David Gee, of Glebe Road, Crouch End, decided to showcase his work in the atrium of the Highgate hospital and donate 20 per cent of any sales to the Whittington.

The 58-year-old, who has previously suffered from mental health problems, went to school in Hampstead and later went to Hornsey Art College. He was inspired by his painter father.

He said: “For me, art has been a form of therapy, an expression or reinterpretation of other images, people and things around me.

“I use it to see how focused I am, to maintain my sanity. I have also wondered at some points in my life whether I was seeing the world the same as everybody else. Discussing what you have created can be quite challenging.”

A Whittington spokesman said: “David set out his paintings in the atrium where the lighting is fantastic. We just had the exhibition for a single day but it was a great event.”