Arsenal star's great pair of lungs wins a national award

England and Arsenal striker Kelly Smith has won the British Lung Foundation s   female Lungs of the Year 2008 award in recognition of the fantastic use she has made of her lungs over the past year .   The award, a framed photograph of a beautiful gla

England and Arsenal striker Kelly Smith has won the British Lung Foundation's female 'Lungs of the Year 2008' award in recognition of ''the fantastic use she has made of her lungs over the past year''.

The award, a framed photograph of a glass lung sculpture by award-winning artist Annie Cattrell, is being presented to Kelly and male winner, classical singer Jonathan Ansell, to mark the charity's annual Breathe Easy Week this week. The theme of this year's campaign is 'Big Breaths' which aims to raise awareness of lung health.

Footballer Kelly Smith says: "As a footballer for both Arsenal and England, I know just how important it is look after my body and have a good diet; it helps me to keep at the top of my game. It's fantastic to have won the British Lung Foundation's 'Lungs of the Year' award. I am a great supporter of the work that the British Lung Foundation is doing to promote the benefits of having healthy lungs".

The British Lung Foundation says that by exercising and taking bigger breaths, we deliver more oxygen to our muscles, giving them energy and strength and helping us to feel younger, live longer, run faster and sing louder.

Dame Helena Shovelton, Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation says: "We awarded Kelly and Jonathan the Lungs of the Year award because they are both fantastic ambassadors for lung health. They both understand how precious their lungs are and why they must take good care of them if they are to be the best at what they do".

The charity is encouraging everyone to make sure they can take 'big breaths' by following its new Airway Code, a ten step guide to healthy lungs. Airway Code tips include taking regular exercise, staying smoke-free, protecting your lungs from dust and fumes, and being asbestos aware.

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