Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger makes cameo appearance in Highgate School YouTube clip

Students at Highgate School persuaded Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to star in their end of year leavers’ film.

The footage, which has become a YouTube hit, shows year 13 students kicking a football around the school’s grounds before it is booted at the feet of the Gunners star as he opens his front door in Totteridge, Barnet.

The relaxed-looking Arsenal boss is then interviewed by Highgate student Pierre Guenin who questions him about the school team’s football skills.

Wenger says: “I have heard about Highgate School and that you have produced some good players.

“There is only one technique and that is to master the ball in any situation, in the air and on the ground.”

After watching footage of the boys playing football on a laptop, he jokingly says: “There is some room for improvement.

“Technically you have a lot of work to do. You are not even Conference league. You have a lot of work to do to get to the Conference league.”

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He then congratulates the students who are leaving this year and wishes them good luck.

More than 14,000 people have watched the clip which was created by 18-year-old Arsenal fan Nicky Collins, who also passed his A-levels today. He said: “Being an Arsenal fan it was a novel way to spend a Sunday morning.

“I was quite nervous but more about mucking up the film. “We only had one shot to get it right. It was exciting meeting him but he didn’t give any tactics away.”