Arsenal fan Jules is Gunner make sure TreeHouse has funds

JUDGE Jules communicates with millions of people across the world through his favourite dance tracks and Radio 1 show

Charlotte Newton

JUDGE Jules communicates with millions of people across the world through his favourite dance tracks and Radio 1 show.

He's also a dad of two and ardent Arsenal supporter who lives within a stone's throw of TreeHouse, the national charity for autism education in Muswell Hill.

Which all explains why Julius O'Riordan has chosen to become a patron of TreeHouse, helping to raise funds for children who struggle to communicate in their daily lives.

The DJ, whose nickname is an ironic reference to his law degree from LSE, has a regular Friday night slot on BBC Radio One. He recently visited TreeHouse and sat in on a music lesson.

Judge Jules, 40, said: "It was very moving to visit the school and see just how it helps the children. Autism affects people in three ways - their communication skills, their ability to socialise and to comprehend.

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"Communication is a key part of my life as a DJ, so I found it very moving to sit in on a music lesson and see how music got through to the children in ways that nothing else could.

"The parents of autistic children can also find it incredibly difficult. In the worst affected cases they become the 24-hour, full-time carers of their kids.

"I live just up the road from the school so it means a lot to me that at least these children are getting the education the deserve so that they can enjoy life.

"And of course being an Arsenal fan I'm more than happy to support their charity of the season."

Mr O'Riordan is not the first Arsenal fan to have visited TreeHouse since the partnership between the club and the charity began. Comedian Matt Lucas and novelist Nick Hornby, who helped found the school, joined players Cesc Fabregas and William Gallas there last year to take part in an art project with pupils.

Treehouse fundraising manager Vicky Lincoln said: "We were thrilled to show Judge Jules around the school and as he is a local resident too, he was really keen to meet the children and see our work.

"The support we have received from the Arsenal community has been fantastic.

"Our fundraising activities at the moment are largely geared towards raising £11.5million for the National Centre for Autism Education in Muswell Hill, which will also be the new and permanent home for the school.

"Of this, £8.5million has already been raised but in a final push to secure the completion of the building, TreeHouse hopes that Arsenal fans, local residents and the wider community will support us."

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