Architects slam neighbour’s unofficial drawings of proposed new Highgate Synagogue

Unofficial mock-up images revealing how plans to redevelop a Highgate synagogue could heavily impact neighbours have been branded “incorrect and misleading” by the project’s architects.

Graphic designer Tom Cox, 45, created the images as an alternative to architects’ artist impressions to reveal what he believes will be the damaging effect of proposals to demolish and rebuild Highgate Synagogue, off North Road, on neighbouring homes.

But architects C.F. Moller have accused Mr Cox of “scaring people” with out-of-scale and out-of-context drawings.

Highgate Synagogue wants to create more space for Sunday school classes.

Mr Cox, who owns a home in North Road but lives in Australia, believes the plans are far too large for such a quiet residential area. He said: “The architects have made some images that don’t quite show the extent of the huge development.”

Teva Hesse, head of C.F. Moller’s London branch, said: “The images are completely incorrect and misleading. They are out of scale.

“In reality, the building is not that attractive right now but it will be to everybody’s benefit when it is finished.”