Appledore chicken pie recipe

Appledore Chicken Pie recipe

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Appledore is situated on the edge of the Romney Marshes where the 13th Century River Rother used to reach the sea.

Serves 4

Ingredients200g diced dark & white chicken25g seasoned flour5g mixed herbs50g back bacon2g pepper250ml water2 hard boiled eggsShortcrust pastry200g plain flour50g wholemeal flour125g margarineice cold water to mix

Method1 - Toss chicken in seasoned flour and herbs and putin pie dish.

2 - Add sufficient water to come to the surface of the meat.

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3 - Cover with a lid and cook in the oven at Reg 8, 450�F or 230�C for 45 minutes.

4 - Skim and check seasoning.

5 - Add the chopped bacon and sliced hard boiled eggs.

6 - Make the pastry and roll to cover the filling in the pie dish.

7 - Brush with egg wash or milk. Cut steam vents.

8 - Bake in the oven at Regulo 8, 450�F or 230�C for approximately 30 minutes until pastry is golden brown and crisp.

Nutritional analysis per portion

Energy kcal 584.3Protein g 23.5Fat g 32.7Saturates g 7.3Carbohydrate g 52.2NME g 0Fibre g 2.9Calcium mg 125.4Sodium mg 481.0Iron mg 3.5Zinc mg 1.8Folate ?g 35.4Vitamin C mg 0.5Vitamin A ?g 282.0

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