Appeal to find artist who worked with Henry Moore and created mystery sculpture

Hanna Wagner with the mystery sculpture

Hanna Wagner with the mystery sculpture - Credit: Archant

A woman is appealing to find an artist who worked with Henry Moore and who created a sculpture for her late uncle in the early 1970s.

Hanna Wagner is keen to trace the artist and reunite him with the seven foot artwork, which has lived in her front garden in Belsize Park since her uncle’s death six years ago.

Her uncle, Victor Rosen, had a welding shop in Chalk Farm Road when the area was still very industrialised and before Camden Lock had started.

Ms Wagner recalls: “The artist had his own workshop, but also did work with Henry Moore which obviously influenced the shape of the sculpture. He gave it to my uncle as a gift, I think, for welding work he needed doing.

“The guy who did the sculpture also made a lot of big pieces in polystyrene and fibreglass for some of the shop fronts in Camden Town, so I was hoping that someone would remember who he was.

“My uncle died about six years ago, and I thought it would be really nice to bring the sculpture back together with the artist, if he is still alive.”

Ms Wagner says that Victor’s wife, her aunt Edith, did not care for the statue, and was eager to give it away once Victor had died.

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“Edith never really liked it, but Victor loved it. He liked anything modern, so it was very much to his taste.”

Hannah has been trying to find the artist for the past year, but to no avail.

“I contacted the Henry Moore foundation, and they told me that Henry Moore had 30 young men working for him, on and off. So the artist was one of these young men in the 1970s.

“It would be really interesting to find out if he went on to have a career as an artist.

“Objects are a powerful in the way they connect us with the past. This statue reminds me so much of my uncle, so I wonder what memories it holds for the artist.”