Antiques expert to the stars talks about why she loves Primrose Hill

Gillian Anderson Price, owner of family-run antiques shop, Judith Michael & Daughter talks to Rachael Getzels about why she loves living in Primrose Hill

Every home Gillian Anderson Price has ever owned has featured in a national magazine. As owner of Primrose Hill family-run antiques shop Judith Michael & Daughter, the interior consultant and regular expert on ITV1’s House Gift, knows a thing or two about what makes a good home. Regular visitors to her shop in Regents Park Road include everyone from Kate Moss and Jude Law, to schoolgirls looking for a bargain.

What bought you to Primrose Hill?

I love the ‘urban village’ atmosphere of Primrose Hill and it’s proximity to all London has to offer. There is a fabulous variety of independent boutiques, restaurants, wine bars and pubs, not to mention the amazing Primrose Hill itself and the view over London from its summit is amazing.

You’ve had a bad day. What makes you smile on your walk home?

I have a very short journey home from work but the chilled bottle of wine in the fridge after a long day is always smile-inducing.

You are mayor for a day. What would you change about Primrose Hill?

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It’s easy to become Primrose Hill-centric. It’s pretty perfectly formed and is a tremendous place to live and work. I suppose I’d like Britain to be a bit more positive and a lot more motivated in coming together for the greater good.

Tell us a secret about where you live?

Hmm, did I mention Primrose Hill is a village? It has it’s secrets and scandals like any provincial village and I couldn’t possible divulge all I know. I will tell you that Lanka next door makes the best croissants in the world though.

What’s your advice for amateur collectors?

Don’t buy anything you don’t love and buy everything with love and not investment in mind. If in the future you happen to make a profit it’s a bonus. Collecting for investment is a minefield. Fashion and taste changes in antiques, just as it does in clothing and interior design.

What are the best and worst parts about running a business with your family?

My mother, Judith, is retired. When all is said and done, blood is thicker than water and we were, and still are, always on the same page.

If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say?

Veni, Vidi, Visa (She came, she saw, she bought and sold gorgeous things!)