Amy Winehouse statue makes way for Jessie J at impromptu gig in Camden market

Jessie J gave an impromptu gig at Stables Market

Jessie J gave an impromptu gig at Stables Market - Credit: PA

Singer Jessie J has surprised Camden residents after turning up for an impromptu “busking session” at Stables Market this evening.

A lifesize statue of Amy Winehouse temporarily made way for the musician who sang in front of a crowd at the market in Chalk Farm Road.

Tweeting to her followers, the former panellist of BBC hit show The Voice had said a few hours prior to arriving: “London - I have a surprise for you! Stay tuned to my Twitter to find out what and where to find me!”

This was followed by: “Nearly there Heartbeats! If you haven’t figured it out yet I’ll be busking at The Camden Stables market in 30 mins! Come down!!”

Her gig started at about 5.30pm, featuring a number of songs.

Workers at the market said the removal of the Amy Winehouse statue was a temporary measure but that it would return in the morning.

The statue was erected less than a month ago and was funded by the Winehouse family and