Alternative parking ticket brings a smile to drivers’ faces

Tickets complementing drivers on their parking have been appearing across Westminster

COMING back to your car to find a yellow parking ticket stuck to the windscreen is a sure-fire way to make even the most placid of drivers’ blood boil.

But one man has made it his aim to challenge the usual notion of the dreaded ticket by issuing positive parking tickets.

The tickets arrive inside the usual yellow plastic envelope and praise the driver for parking “brilliantly and within his/her allotted time”– saying they “should now smile”.

The man behind the idea is 25-year-old Will Sandy who has issued more than 100 tickets since he set up the Fine Parking Company three weeks ago. The majority has been given out in Westminster.

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“I thought it was the most appropriate place because Westminster invented the penalty charge notice and they have invested a lot of money in parking enforcement,” said the self-employed landscape architect.

“You never go round a corner in Westminster without bumping into a parking warden.

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“I just thought it would be nice to bring a smile to people’s faces and it reverses the notion of a normal parking ticket. It turns a negative into a positive.

“It’s trying to get people to challenge things. Society is becoming more desensitised to things which we just take on the chin and don’t tend to question.”

The feedback has been nothing but positive, says Mr Sandy.

‘‘One woman even wrote to me to say that her ticket had “made her heart sing”.

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