Alfie needs you to 'Be a Planet Superstar'

Alfie Brass launched Be a Planet Superstar

Alfie Brass launched Be a Planet Superstar - Credit: Alex Cooper Brass

A 10-year-old schoolboy from Camden is encouraging people to take care of the environment by signing up to his new campaign in 2021.

Alfie Brass from St Paul’s CE Primary School launched Be a Planet Superstar in early January after seeing paddle boarders collect litter from Regent’s Canal on New Year’s Day.

The initiative encourages people to complete a "planet positive action’ in 2021 which could include refusing single-use plastics, sending e-cards, using re-cycled toilet paper or adopting an animal through a wildlife charity. 

Alfie said: “I was thinking about making a campaign myself and then at the dinner table, we talked about it and decided it would be cool to 'Be a Planet Superstar'.” 

Brothers Barney, 8,  and Alfie, 10 (right) tend the hazel tree they planted as part of Alfie’s Be a Planet Superstar campaign

Brothers Barney, eight, and Alfie, 10 tend the hazel tree they planted as part of Alfie’s Be a Planet Superstar campaign - Credit: Alex Cooper Brass

Alfie has sent a certificate to each of the 210 members registered so far, ranging from a three-year-old to an 85-year-old. 

His family are donating money to The Rainforest Alliance NGO for the first 2,100 Planet Superstars who sign up this year.

Alfie’s mother, Alex, said: “Alfie is a passionate environmentalist and he wanted to set up a big campaign to encourage everyone to get involved in helping the planet.” 

Along with brothers Barney, eight, Sam, 16, cousin Lili, 18, and his parents, Alfie created the website and an Instagram page which have received growing attention after appearing on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show last week.

Alfie decided to challenge his year 5 class at St Paul’s to complete ten planet positive actions which would qualify them for "galactic superstar" status. 

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He said: “The aim is to have a whole class of galactic superstars.”

Whilst in lockdown, Alfie and younger brother Barney are doing "meat-free Mondays", litter picking every Friday and have planted a hazel tree in their garden.

Together they set a Valentine’s Day challenge to encourage people to complete either a litter pick, to plant a tree or change their search engines to Ecosia by February 14. 

Barney said: “The goal is to tell five friends or family to do the same.”

But for the ambitious pair, their plans extend far beyond this month.

“We have one final goal for 2021," Alfie said. “To get 2,021 superstars.”