Alexandra Park deer set to move to greener pastures

Deer close to Alexandra Palace are set to be moved to Devon

Alexandra Park and Palace Trust made the decision to send their deer to Devon after independent vets reported that the deer’s health had been deteriorating in the urban environment.

The vets noticed that the 12 deer in the park are much shyer than they should be.

They said that their enclosure, behind the boating lake, was too small for them and that increasing numbers of visitors to the park had been causing the animals stress.

The park manager estimates that the deer have lived in the park for around 20 years.

Now they are being sent to two deer parks in Devon where they will be in a more rural environment.

The park says that they had been considering moving the deer for a number of years.

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They do not wish to reveal the moving date, however, in case a crowd gathers.

Timing is, however, important as the park wardens cannot move the deer to Devon when they are breeding and they have to wait until their horns grow to a certain length.

Louise Stewart, Chief Executive Alexandra Park and Palace said: “We have taken on board feedback from a number of experts, including independent vets, we have concluded that Alexandra Park is no longer suitable for housing deer.

“The urban environment and limited size of the enclosure, as well as a range of other factors, are causing a slow decline in the health of the herd.

“In the best interests of the deer, they are being moved to a more suitable environment in Devon.”