Alastair Campbell on Hampstead altercation: ‘20 years ago I would have kneed him in the b*ll*cks’

Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell - Credit: Archant

Alastair Campbell is a changed man.

In January, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor was forced to rebut claims he assaulted a man in Hampstead after the Ham&High unearthed CCTV footage which showed him being abused by a passer-by as he walked in Perrin’s Lane.

Mr Campbell insisted he put his “arm out to [the man’s] shoulder to stop him coming any closer” during the altercation.

Last week, the Labour stalwart offered more opinion on January’s unwanted attention in an interview with the London Evening Standard.

Asked about the altercation, he told the newspaper: “Twenty years ago, no question, I’d have headbutted the guy; kneed him in the b*ll*cks and stamped on his head. I’ve got a history.

“Listen, if someone comes up to you and abuses you and hits you, you’re entitled to fight back. That was the first time anyone has spat at me.”

Anger management has clearly been effective for Mr Campbell.