Affordable wedding dresses you will be able to say I do to

A local businesswoman has found a possible cure for ‘dress stress’

If you’re looking for a wedding gown and have a severe case of dress stress – September 18 may just be your lucky day.

The first Chic Eco wedding dress sale is taking place and a heap of loved-for-a-day gowns will be on offer.

Miranda Levey, 35, of East Finchley set up Chic Eco when she was looking to sell her wedding dress.

“There were no non-online places to sell a dress,” she explains. “I think it is so important that you see the dress in real life before you buy it for your wedding.”

Unimpressed by the hordes of eBay transactions, Levey decided to put on her own sale. An appeal for dresses was fruitful – Levey will have 30 dresses for brides-to-be to consider.

Prices will range from �250 to a �3,500 Oscar de la Renta dress, originally �10,000. Sizes are from six to 22, with most being eight, 10 and 12.

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‘Good as new’

The money for the dresses will go to the original owners with Levey taking a small commission for her work as sale co-ordinator.

“I was 34 when I got married and I think I had a bit more to spend on a wedding dress than people who marry a little younger. In a time when people haven’t got much money, I think this is a great way to own a beautiful dress without spending a fortune. Most dresses are worn for about eight hours. Once they have been dry cleaned, they are as good as new,” says Levey.

“I think it is nice to own a dress which someone else has loved.”

Levey intends to hold an event every two months if the first one is successful.

n Visits to the sale are by appointment, maximum five people at one time. To make an appointment, visit or call 07931 778427.