Actor Tom Conti calls on Camden Council to stop squandering money

ACTOR Tom Conti has called on Camden Council to stop wasting money on re-modelling pavements which do not need to be repaired.

The Shirley Valentine Star, who lives in Hampstead, was furious to see workmen re-surfacing the pavement in Church Row at a time when Camden Council is making deep cuts to services for children and the elderly.

Mr Conti said: “The council is squandering money on remodelling pavements in Church Row that don’t need to be repaired. This is not the time to do it when everyone’s broke.

“This is a department spending its allocation instead of handing the money they haven’t spent to help the people who can’t afford to take the hit – the frail, the old and the elderly.

“It’s madness.”

Environment boss Cllr Sue Vincent said that she was concerned unnecessary road work was being done in the borough.

“I will take this up immediately,” she said. “I understand that people feel money should go on community facilities but our budget is usually ring fenced for specific things.”