60ft tree falls on Python Terry Jones’ home

Python Terry Jones had a lucky escape over Christmas when a 60ft tree smashed into his Highgate home.

The comedian and his young family were settling down to a festive meal on Saturday when they heard a series of loud crashing noises from outside.

A tree which had stood on a neighbouring estate toppled over, hitting Mr Jones’ garage and coming to rest inches from his front door.

The 70-year-old funnyman, who had just touched down in England after enjoying Christmas in Sweden with wife Anna Soderstrom and three-year-old daughter Siri, said: “If it had been six feet taller it would have hit the roof, and Siri sleeps in that room. We were so lucky because she could have been killed.”

Lucky to escape

The Life of Brian star added: “I had always been worried about that particular tree. We were so lucky to escape.

“It hit the garage wall and the ends of the branches were just touching the house front after hitting other trees on the way down. When we opened the front door all we could see was the tree.”

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The enormous trunk blocked the exit to the small cul-de-sac on the edge of Hampstead Heath where Mr Jones lives, trapping all six families who live there.

Showing Christmas spirit, Mr Jones invited his neighbours over for brunch on Sunday as they waited for the road to be cleared.

“I sent them all an email saying, ‘We are trapped, so how about showing some solidarity and having brunch?’,” said Mr Jones.

“The only way you could get out of the road was by climbing through my front window.”

The tree was eventually cleared later that day by the managers of the neighbouring estate where the tree had stood.