£50million house is a new record breaker

ANOTHER home has stolen the thunder of Lev Leviev's £32million mansion bought in Highgate earlier this month – by selling for a whopping £50million

Katie Davies

ANOTHER home has stolen the thunder of Lev Leviev's £32million mansion bought in Highgate earlier this month - by selling for a whopping £50million.

Toprak Mansion, known as top-whack mansion, has clinched the title for the most expensive new home sold in Britain.

The seven-bedroom house on The Bishops Avenue has a glass lift to the master bedroom suite, an 80ft-wide ballroom, a pool with a glass bridge and Turkish baths big enough for 20 people.

It also has four kitchens and an underground car park for 28 Rolls Royces.

It is alleged the new owner is the mysterious Horelma Peramam from Kazakhstan, of whom little is know except that he has taken over from neighbour Lev Leviev as the new billionaire on the block.

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Glentree International Estate Agents have sold both the mansions. Trevor Abrahmsohn from the firm said: "Toprak is one of London's grandest houses that we have ever had the privilege to sell.

"London is the financial centre of the world for many industries and many businessmen need homes here.

"It is the only place among the major cities of the world where you can find large houses such as this with extensive grounds, just 15 minutes from the West End with two golf courses and 1,000 acres of Heath land on your doorstep."

Toprak has been on the market for years, after it was built by Turkish businessman Halis Toprak in 1993.

It has become the symbol of the grandeur of The Bishops Avenue with its faux ancient Greek pillars and name emblazoned in gold lettering on the front.

But the new purchaser doesn't believe it is luxurious enough and is allegedly splashing out a further £30million on a revamp including three new lifts, a squash court, a beauty salon, spa and a heliport in the garden.

"This would increase the value to over £100 million," said Mr Abrahmsohn. "Toprak Mansion has always been the grandaddy of super mansions."

The new purchase pushes Mr Leviev, who bought the Palladio mansion in Highgate for £32million, off the top spot of wealthy home owners.

The battle on the exclusive streets of Highgate and Barnet is likely to continue despite problems elsewhere. In both areas palatial homes have been left abandoned for years waiting for a billionaire boom.

Bob Hare, Highgate councillor, joked: "I am sorry to hear Barnet has overtaken Haringey in this exclusive sector.

"I am sure our borough will hold its own and come back with something that tops it. Of course, what Haringey really needs is affordable housing.