£24million cash investment to revamp school

A total of £24million is to be spent turning Quintin Kynaston School in St John s Wood into a 21st century, state-of-the-art institution

Susanna Wilkey

A total of £24million is to be spent turning Quintin Kynaston School in St John's Wood into a 21st century, state-of-the-art institution.

A new science and technology block, brand new sports facilities - including a sports hall - and a performing arts and drama block will be built at the secondary on Marlborough Hill.

The specialist technology school is consulting everyone from teachers and students to members of the community about the best design for the space.

As well as the new buildings, the rest of the school will be refurbished and £2.4million will be spent on upgrading IT.

Deputy headteacher Gary Kynaston, who has been managing the project, said: "This is fantastic news for Westminster and fantastic news for Quintin Kynaston.

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"Our building stock is 1950s and we have developed the school as much as we can within the current restrictions.

"This investment is extremely exciting for everyone at the school - it is challenging them to think about how teaching will develop over the next 20 years and to ensure the building is designed to meet changing needs and opportunities.

"We want our school to be at the heart of the community. We already have a few adult education classes but we want to have more and it is about creating an environment where that is possible.

"We are going to bring the IT down to the bottom floor to share it with the community - multi IT use in school time and out of school time.

"We are going to change the building to meet the changing style of teaching and earning. Access to knowledge and information is going to be a key part of this building for the future.

"We are entering an exciting stage now - we are getting deeper into the ideas and details - how we want the space to operate for a 21st century education."

The investment is part of the Building Schools for the Future programme which will see every secondary school in the country rebuilt or renewed.

Quintin Kynaston received the second highest investment in Westminster after Pimlico School which was allocated £35million.

Cllr Barbara Grahame, who is a governor, said: "This build will reconfigure the whole building to make sure we get the best use out of the space.

"I think QK is in particular need of development because the buildings are old and the school is very oversubscribed with a large sixth form.

"This redevelopment is great news for the school, teachers and students. And given that there are Camden proposals to open an academy in Swiss Cottage it is more important than ever that QK is refurbished."