Transport for London has helped children across the capital learn vital IT skills by donating more than 800 laptops, iPads and computers to schools.

Launched during the 2020 pandemic, TfL's Devices for Schools programme supports schools with a lack of online learning tools.

The programme has so far helped 38 London schools - including Rokesly Infant & Nursery School in Crouch End and St Michael’s CE Primary School in Enfield - relieving the financial burden of purchasing new devices.

By reusing like-new, reprogrammed laptops, iPads and desktop computers, this initiative extends the life of devices that would otherwise be disposed of, cutting waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Jade-Simone Bacon, headteacher at St Michael’s CE Primary School, said: "These devices will significantly enhance our educational environment by upgrading our class teachers' laptops, ensuring they have the necessary tools to deliver high-quality instruction.

"Additionally, these devices will be invaluable for those leading early morning interventions for our disadvantaged children, helping to bridge the educational gap and provide equal opportunities for all."

Rachel Turnbull, assistant headteacher at Rokesly Infant & Nursery School in Crouch End, added: "Our pupils are delighted with the iPads and love using them.

"The technology offers more exciting and interactive learning opportunities."

The devices are prepared for student use by TfL volunteers, who follow standard checks to assure their good condition before distributing them in person to schools.

The project's expansion has also been helped by support from staff, businesses and communities.

More schools are expected to join over the upcoming months.

Evren Altinok from Enfield, who came up with the idea and leads the TfL volunteers, said: "We’re pleased to be providing young Londoners with access to the right tools for their digital and technology learning and adding new ways they can learn in classrooms.

"We are excited to see this initiative growing as we do our part to be more sustainable."

The next phase of the project will start soon, seeing Places for London, TfL’s wholly owned property company, expand their outreach to more schools around their commercial and housing sites.

This phase intends to donate more than 6,000 extra devices to schools.